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A walking Group


What is a Walking / Hiking Group?

The simplest walking group is a person and a dog going for a walk. Little organisation is necesary, just get a dog's lead and head out for a walk. The next most complicated walking group is a small group friends who go out walking together, everything can be organised with a phone call or a message on social media. The type of walking group we are interested in on this website is a slightly larger group of people who go for walks together. There is normally a walk leader who proposes a walk to the walking group. It is necesary to give a good description of the walk so that other members of the group can decide if they want to do the walk.

The advantages of walking with a Walking / Hiking Group.

  1. A social activity that does not involve drinking alcohol.
  2. It can be free or almost free.
  3. Apart from decent shoes no equipment is necessary.
  4. It does not need any buidings or any central location.
  5. Health Benfits such as improved fitness, lower cholesterol, improved mental health.
  6. Helps to burn calories and maintain a healthy weight.
  7. Meet new people and make new friends.
  8. Explore area you don't know.
  9. Develop an appreciation of nature.
  10. Walking and hiking are a fairly low impact activity which will not damage the body.
  11. As walking happens outdoors it is less likely that you can catch diseases from other people.

Closed groups or open Groups?

You may have noticed especially if you have been on social media such as facebook, tic toc, twitter etc that a large amount of human beings are quite frankly utterly awful morons and you would not want to spend much time with any of them. If you can't bear to mix with other humans then the best thing to do is to form a private whatsapp group and share information about your walks only in this group. Having an open walking group where anyone is invited would mean that you may have to spend your leisure time with people who are different from yourself. This website is geared towards open walking groups. Walking in the countryside and being in nature does not tend to attract the haters that you find on social media and in many years of experience I have found that hiking and walking with other people is an excellent way to socialise. It is a probably a good idea to avoid talking about right-left politics, vaccines and other polemic topics and focus on common interests.