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Sarah has lived in Spain since 1986. She is originally from England.  She speaks Spanish and English and a little French. 

She started leading walks as opposed to just going on them in November 2019.  She is a gadget and computer nerd always trying to push the boudaries of making, designing and using gpx tracks.  She spends an immense amount of time writing and improving the tracks that we go on. 

She is semi-retired but still does correction, interpretation and translation  work for Spanish Universities. She assists people with Spanish bureaucracy and has the dogged Rottweiler tenacity and determination necesary to get results. 

Be careful if you get within the event horizon of her blue van otherwise known as Sarahdona where she will sell you the very best Extra Virgin Olive Oil,  homemade soap, nuts and other products from her organic farm. 

She is known for shouting the words "Andiamo" Which means Let's Go in Italian. 

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Stuart was one of the original founders of the Sexi Senderistas in 2010. It was then called the AWG Almuñecar walking group and in the first few months was actually part of the women's group.  Stuart was the main leader of the group for a few years. 

Stuart is from England and you can tell form his accent that he comes from near London. He is a dog lover and he has always been accompanied by Podencos. First Stanley and now Roni. 

He currently leads walks mainly when nobody else is available. 

He speaks English fluently and basic Spanish.  

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