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If you participate in any activity of Sexisenderistas you must accept the following.

There is no leader of the Sexi Senderistas. The routes are decided by discusion. There is no membership. No money ever changes hands and anyone who comes on a walk does so at their own risk. Nobody necesarilly has any expertise, professional skills, common sense, legal knowledge. etc So if someone tells you to jump in the lake and you do so and end up drowning don't come crying to us!

The disclaimer text below was written by José. He is not the leader of the group (there is no leader) and is only expressing an opinion. (although a valid opinion which most people would agree with). By expressing this opinion it does not make him legally responsible for anything and not liable to pay compensation for anything whatsoever.

Los Sexi Senderistas hiking group are friends that enjoy hiking in the mountains, usually within an hour or so’s drive of Almuñécar.

None of us is a qualified hiking guide, nor do we have group insurance. We happen to know some routes and we are happy for others to come along with us.

If you are considering coming on one of our hikes, please read the following to find out more about what you can and cannot expect. By coming on any hike, you are deemed to have read, understood and accepted what is outlined below.


All our routes are in the mountains and involve ascents and descents that can be both steep and long, including the occasional moderate scramble.

Underfoot conditions are usually rocky and stony, including loose stones that can make things slippery. Hiking poles can help.

We may not have done the route for many months or even years, so we cannot guarantee that the quality of the paths or tracks will not have changed.


Good quality hiking boots or hiking / trail running shoes are essential.


During the winter it can be very cold in the mountains even if the temperature on the coast is warm enough to sit on the beach. You are recommended to carry waterproofs, fleeces and hats/gloves in your rucksack on all hikes between December and March.


You must bring all you need. Minimum 1 litre in Winter and 2 litres at all other times. Please do not underestimate how much water you need. If you run out, it could be dangerous.


Again, bring what you need. We stop to eat our lunch roughly half way through the route.


We hike between October and early June. The Senderistas often hike on Sundays and Wednesdays but the walks could be any day.


The upcoming walks will be published in our Facebook group.

The email is intended to provide some basic information about the hike as well as the meeting point and time. Please read the details of each hike carefully as some are more difficult than others.


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