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What is this?

The Sexi Senderistas is a platform for posting walks and hikes in the vicinity of Almuñécar and the Costa Tropical Spain. Most of the walks take place between October and May. The walks are within an hour or so's drive of Almuñécar. It is totally free and there is no membership or fees.

Why Sexi?

Although many of the walkers are sexy, the name has nothing to do with sex. Sexi was the name for Almuñecar before the Moors took control in the year 711. "Senderista" means rambler in Spanish.

What level of dificulty are the walks?

There is no set level of difficulty. You should read the description of each walk to see if it is suitable for you. A walk could be as short as 100 metres or as long as 100km requiring crampons and breathing aparatus. Read the description!

Who is the group leader?

Each walk has a walk leader. The walk leader is normally the person who posts the walk. The walk leader must make a correct description of the proposed walk in the post. The walk leader must know the route. Anyone can post walks.

Where are the walks published?

The walks should be published as a POST in the FACEBOOK GROUP.

How to post a walk?

Anyone can post a walk. The walks must be posted as a POST in the facebook group. The walk must contain a good description with length, duration, meeting point, likely terrain, the amount of uphill etc.

What are the rules?

This group has as little bureaucracy as possible. Only good natured pleasant people are allowed. To come on any walk you must first read the disclaimer.

Dog Policy?

Sexisenderistas is a dog friendly group. Walks by default allow dogs. However, a group leader can ban individual dogs for bad behaviour or to require that certain dogs wear a muzzle if they are aggressive to other dogs or people. A group leader could have a dog free walk only in exceptional circumstances where there is a specific good reason why dogs should not be allowed.

What walks are there?

Over the years there have been hundreds of walks but there is a core collection of around 30 really good walks. We are in the process of publishing all our walks on the WALKS LIST

The history of the Sexi senderistas

The sexi senderista group has been going since 2010. Since that time we have been led by brilliant people such as Carol, Stella, Trev Clark, Stuart James, Steve and Margaret Gray, Lee Treasure, many guest appearances etc. The group was originally part of the women's group and men had to drop on their knees and apologise for all the sins of their brothers before being allowed on a walk. (That is a joke by the way.) Carol passed away but as far as I know the rest are still going. There have been maybe a couple of thousand people walk with the group and the cumulative distance walked would easilly cover many laps of the equator. The desnivel "cumulative height gain" may even be as high as reaching the moon. The calories burned would be enough to power a small village over a weekend. Long Live the Senderistas!!

Contact Information

We have decided to discontinue sending out walk information using our mailing list. If you want to contact us go to the facebook group and send a messenger message to John or Sarah.


Some of the people who lead walks are worried that if someone has an accident they could be held responsible. Just to make sure there is no doubt, anyone who goes on a walk must first read the DISCLAIMER.