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What is a GPX file?

A GPX file contains information about points of time and location. When there are several points they can plot a route. The following is a piece of GPX code which defines one point. It has the latitude and longitude, the elevation and the time. A GPX file can also contain information about places which are called waypoints or POI (points of interest)

<trkpt lon="-3.471475" lat="36.921411">

How do we make a GPX file of a walking route?

You can record a GPX track on your smartphone, sports watch, GPX device, etc. The easiest way to make a GPX track is with a navigation app on your smartphone. Examples are: GPX Viewer, Strava, Spot, Map My Run. Ask other people which is the best app. Technology is moving so fast that whatever we say here will quickly become out of date.

Why are GPX files useful for walking groups?

If you upload your GPX files to Internet, you can share your routes with other people. There are websites which allow you to upload your GPX files so that you can share them with other people. For example wikiloc.com The idea behind this website walkingroup.com it to allow groups of people to make collections of walks for walking groups.

Why would you want to edit a GPX file?

When you are on a walk and you are tracking a walk using a tracking app, you may deviate from the path to look at a flower, forget to switch the app off at the end of the walk, get lost, have lunch, stop at a restaurant, etc. In this case, you will want to tidy up the GPX track so that it will be useful to other people. It is also possible to make a GPX track entirely on a computer based on your knowledge of a route. You can also correct elevation and time on a GPX track by deleting all the information and recalculating it using systems which know the elevation of all locations and rewriting the times by choosing an average speed. The GPX files created by smartphones are unnecessarilly large becuse they can have +too many points. They are often over 1mb. It is better to prune down and simplify the routes so that they don't take up so much space.

Which is the best software for GPX editing?

This is a complex question because there is constant innovation and I can only write about what I know about. There are online editing sites and programs for desktop. There are different programs for Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. and there are probably apps for smartphones. I only know about apps for Windows, Linux and online editors. I use Linux Mint on my desktop I don't know much about MAC.

ONLINE editing systems

Please note: I have focussed on the type of editing necessary to make or tidy up files for use on this site.


This is an excellent online editor. You can use this program to make a GPX file from scratch although it is not happy about making paths where no recognised path exists but if your path is a well defined, it is very easy to use. It will rewrite timestamps based on average speed and elevation, reverse paths and a lot more.

Go to GPX studio

I only just found this website. (Sep 2023) I haven't tested it out fully but it seems really good. I like the feature that allows you to make a FREE track meaning that it does not have to follow any recognised path. (this is the problem with GPX studio) You can use this program to make a GPX file from scratch. I have not used it much yet but it may turn out to be my favourite.


We use this one to rewrite timestamps. This seems to be connected with the strava app.


This is probably the best site for rewriting elevation based on online data sources.


WINDOWS software.


This is what I used before I went over to Linux. GPS Track Editor is a Windows application to do everything with GPS tracks. With the current version you can: analyze and clean up your GPS tracks make a clear structure of track segments view your trajectory in color inspect track points extract parts of a track save as GPX, NMEA, or CSV file merge several tracks into one generate timestamps


LINUX software


Allows you to add track sections, delete track points, etc. In order to extend a track, click on the track on the left and edit the track. Click OK. Click edit trackpoint. The program allows you to edit trackpoints and add new ones, delete existing ones, insert new ones, and drag and stretch existing ones to new positions.