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We believe that walking or hiking in groups is an excellent activity for maintaining and increasing fitness, meeting new people and making new friends from all nationalities, walks of life etc. In our kind of walking group nobody will judge you, nobody cares how rich you are, nobody cares what you do for a job, the colour of your skin, your religion, you who you are attracted to, the only reason to be in a walking group is that you enjoy hiking in the company of others, you enjoy being outside and just walking on the surface of this planet gives you pleasure. It is also beneficial if you appreciate the beauty of nature and landscapes. It is probably best to avoid talking about conflictive issues and you should concentrate on what unites you not what divides you.

We have been members of walking and hiking groups for many years and during that time we have had a lot of experience about how to actually organise walking and hiking groups. This website is our attempt to work out the best way of organising a walking group with minimal bureaucracy and effort. A walking group can consist of a list of walks, detailed information about the hikes with, gpx files, maps, information, photos, videos etc, a list of meeting points for the walks, simple ways of making publicity text for walks on specific dates etc. It is also important to know how to publish the information about the walks to the people who want to go on them.

This website is in continual development. One day it may be possible to allow walking group administrators to use the tools that we have created to form their own walking groups if there is a demand for it. We will continue to develop this site to administer our own walking groups and little by little we will get better.

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List of walking groups using this system


The Sexi Senderistas is a walking group in the vicinity of Almuñécar and the Costa Tropical Spain. Most of the walks take place between October and May. The walks are within an hour or so's drive of Almuñécar. It is totally free and there is no membership or fees.
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Granada Rutas - Senderismo en Granada

This is a walking group centred around Granada Spain. Granada Rutas Senderismo en Granada is a platform for posting walks and hikes in the vicinity of Granada in Andalucia Spain. The walks could be at any time of the year. The walks are in or very near the province of Granada most of them are within an hour or so's drive of the city of Granada. It is totally free and there is no membership or fees. Some walks may raise money for charity and require a donation.
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Granada City

This is a collection of walks in the city of Granada Spain. There is no walking group attached to these walks.
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Camino de Santiago Guadix Granada

This group will focus on the Camino de Santiago route between Guadix and Granada.
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Rutas Cortas en Granada

An experimental group to offer easy short walks to people on the costa tropical and in the province of Granada Spain.
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